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About Us
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Our Beginnings

John, Megand and J. Aaron Brazzell

The Brazzell Funeral Homes got it start when John M. Brazzell and his wife Janet and son, Terry came to Avilla, in Noble County in 1955. After they both graduated from Indiana College of Mortuary Science, both John and Janet were board certified Licensed Embalmers and Funeral Directors. They went to work for L.E. Berhalter Funeral Homes in Kendallville, Avilla, and Rome City, Indiana. John was the manager of the Avilla Funeral Home. The Brazzell Family stayed in Avilla until 1963 when the family moved to Albion. John went to work for the Bonham and Miser Funeral Home in Albion, and he became a partner in 1964, he was allowed to purchase a part of Mr. Bonham's ownership then purchasing the remainder of the funeral home in 1970. 

Terry Brazzell started helping his parents in the funeral home in 1965, and served his apprenticeship in 1969. Back when he started the funeral home was responsbile for the ambulance service so he ran many ambulance calls with his dad. He moved to Indianapolis, and graduated from the Indiana College of Mortuary Science in 1971.
Terry married Jeanie Burtch in September 1972 and they moved to Plymouth, where Terry worked at the Johnson Funeral Home from 1972 to the Spring of 1977 when he and his family moved back to manage the Avilla Chapel. 

In 1992 Terry and Jeanie purchased the Albion Chapel from John and Janet due to Janet's fight with breast cancer, Janet died on March 16, 1996 after a long fight also that year John M. fully retired and moved to Auburn. 

John A. Brazzell, known by many as "Little John" started helping his father in 1993 making removals and other daily functions of the funeral home, John A. probably knew how to embalm well before he had his drivers license. John also went on almost every coroner's case with his dad, they were very close to one another in the business. In 1999 the 3rd generation would offically start with John attending mortuary school in Jeffersonville, Indiana. He graduated in 2001. When John returned home from mortuary school people in both communities were happy that he had continued the families business and were very accepting to him. He has earned the trust and respect to many people with in the Albion and Avilla communities and he continues to grow that trust and respect.

John A. became the manager in 2006 with his father declining in health. On May 7, 2010 Terry Brazzell the 2nd generation died peacefully at his residence in Albion. In Spring of 2103 Josh Harper joined John this is where things became interesting. John and Josh were best friends from 3rd grade all threw High School and roomed together in college. Josh would spend many nights at the Brazzell house that is where he learned he had an interest in the funeral business. 

Today John and Josh along with a dedicated support staff have so much to offer the Albion and Avilla communities. Large ground up facilities they offer customized funeral and cremation services and they are known to go above and beyond families expectations.


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